We work for you, banks work for the bank.

Mortgage brokers are not restricted to any one bank or range of products. We work for you and can make objective recommendations on financing solutions through a variety of lending partners, not just banks. And certainly beyond banking hours.

Save time.

Mortgage brokers do the research and mortgage product shopping for you, so there’s no need for you to waste time organizing appointments with competing mortgage lenders. You do the house-hunting, we can do the rest.

Negotiating on your behalf.

Life and business is stressful enough without worrying about mortgage negotiations too! Mortgage brokers act in your best interest and do all the negotiating on your behalf, securing competitive rates and terms that make sense for your unique situation.

More choices.

With a network of lenders and products to choose from, we can source your ideal mortgage options from banks, credit unions, non-traditional lenders and more.

Access to the best rates and terms.

Especially given today’s housing market conditions, mortgage brokers have the negotiating power because lenders compete for their business. We also have access to special incentives and perks from financial institutions you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Fast and efficient.

From the initial assessment of your unique situation right through the closing process, count on transactions moving quickly. At Synergy Mortgage, we have proven systems and checklists that make it even more seamless for you.

Overcome credit issues or self-employment.

With our access to lenders with flexible lending criteria, we can help navigate through mortgage challenges due to credit issues or self-employment.

Save even more money with homebuyer incentives, grants, and discount programs.

From energy grants and tax credits, to refunds on mortgage insurance, we can guide you through money saving BC homebuyer programs. We can also show you lenders and insurers who offer retail points programs, discounts on appliances, shopping clubs, and more.

No surprises.

By ensuring you’re informed on all the mortgage basics, we can guide you through mortgage products, interest rates and more so you can make informed decisions.

No cost to you.

Mortgage brokers are paid by lending institutions, which in the vast majority of cases means there’s no cost to you.

Ongoing support.

Even after your successful mortgage transaction, we’re a phone call away for questions or advice on your next mortgage.


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